Lagona Divers - Hamata

Diving in Hamata – soon also with Lagona Divers

Diving in Hamata is an outstanding experience for scuba divers for several reasons. First of all, the region offers impressive biodiversity and is known for encounters with large sharks, including hammerheads, gray sharks and thresher sharks. The chance of encountering groups of up to 50 hammerhead sharks makes Hamata a unique diving destination in the Red Sea.

The Lagona Divers – Hamata dive center at Hostmark Zabargad Resort is specifically designed to provide divers with a comfortable and smooth diving experience. With spacious reception areas, modern equipped classrooms and extensive equipment wash-out pools, the center caters to the needs of divers. The base has a variety of equipment, including 25 full sets of equipment, 100 pieces of 11.2 liter air tanks with DIN valves, NITROX filling systems and much more, making diving in Hamata a carefree pleasure.

Experienced divers also appreciate the opportunity to enjoy unguided dives with a buddy team on the house reef. This offers the freedom to explore the underwater world at your own pace and perhaps come across the rich marine life that calls these waters home.

Last but not least, the family atmosphere offered at our Lagona Divers dive centers is one of the reasons why many of our divers return to us again and again. The personal attention and passion of the staff for diving is shared with the guests and creates a community of like-minded people who share a love of the sea and diving. This will be no different at Lagona Divers – Hamata!

In summary, the combination of rich marine biology, excellent diving infrastructure and a warm, welcoming community make diving in Hamata one of the best experiences for recreational divers worldwide.