Diving with Lagona Divers!


Our service is as individual as each of our guests – at each of our dive centres in Egypt. We rate ourselves as a big family that is passionate about diving. Our aim is to provide you with the best diving holiday so that you, like us, learn to love diving in the Red Sea. Our service is to take care of balancing the factors of fun and safety. So you can enjoy your diving holiday to the full. Dive centre operations are standardised as much as possible so that you experience the same quality of service at every Lagona dive centre and know what to expect.

We guarantee the best diving holiday!

How does a diving holiday work?

Guided dives are conducted in small groups up to a maximum of 6 divers. Our dive guides strive to ensure that dives last a full hour whenever possible. With their experience and trained eye, they will show you many reef dwellers that you probably wouldn’t be able to find yourself. Upon arrival, each diver does a Welcome Dive on the house reef for the first time. The Welcome Dive is considered a normal dive and is mainly so that we can divide our divers into appropriate groups according to their experience level, so that everyone can enjoy their diving holiday to the full.

Daily diving operations allow up to 4 dives per day, including night and early morning dives. Because we care about the safety of our divers, we provide Nitrox 32 free of charge for certified Nitrox divers. The maximum diving depth is 40m with the appropriate certification. If you would like to know more about the schedule during your diving holiday, please check the diving schedule of the respective dive centre.

Independent house reef diving

On our house reefs, divers with the appropriate level of experience may enjoy diving in the Red Sea without a guide after completing a Welcome Dive. The requirements are at least AOWD and 30 logged dives or one diver in the group must be certified as a Divemaster (or equivalent). Our house reefs are relatively easy to navigate, but offer all the beauty you could wish for! So we can guarantee that every diver will have a great diving holiday, whether you are an experienced macro fotographer or just want to explore the Red Sea with your buddy under your own supervision.

Diving over a reef

Diving courses and further education

Lagona Divers have had a good cooperation with SSI (Scuba Schools International) for a long time and offer all diving courses from Open Water Diver to Assistant Instructor Trainer with a wide range of special courses. Just as with all other diving activities, we place great emphasis on quality and safety. Dive courses are conducted in small groups up to a maximum of 4 students and our instructors will ensure that all students get enough time to get used to the new environment and that exercises can be practiced several times. This ensures that the student feels like a fully fledged diver after completing the diving course and can directly participate in our daily diving operations.

With SSI as our partner, we have a diving organisation behind us that places the greatest value on the quality of its teaching materials. Online teaching materials are available for the complete course programme in any language you wish! For you, this means that the fun starts at home and you can get involved with your new hobby before your holiday even begins. As soon as you arrive at the dive centre, you’ll meet your instructor who will complete the necessary paperwork and shortly after your diving holiday begins and you’ll be able to marvel at the underwater world of the Red Sea with compressed air (or Nitrox).

Customer service by divers for divers

In Germany, a service centre is available to answer all your questions about your diving holiday, bookings, diving courses and suggestions about our diving centres. Of course in English language, too. Our friendly team will be happy to answer your questions by email or phone. It books diving packages for you or advises and designs complete diving trips; thanks to our AI-supported tour operator comparison, it is always up-to-date and inexpensive.