You will find many answers already prepared here.

And to start, our favourite question for everyone:
“Can I fly to Sharm El-Sheikh with my identity card?”
“No, you should better use a plane.”

With this in mind! Take a look at our FAQs and if you can’t find what you’re looking for: Just ask us.
You know, there are no stupid questions… Only stupid answers….

Training / Dives

You don’t always know whether diving is the right sport. We know that, of course (but we also know that it is!). Of course, you don’t want to invest a few hundred euros right away.

With us, it’s no risk at all financially! Just do a Try Scuba with us. If you like what you have experienced, you simply continue with a beginner course (OWD) and the Try Scuba will be credited to you both as a course part and financially (i.e. you do not pay for the Try Scuba, only for the OWD).

A fair thing, isn’t it?

Another level after the OWD is an advanced training. At SSI, i.e. also with us, there are two basic ways to obtain such a certification.

1. Advanced Course: The Advanced Adventurer (AA)

The “small” advanced course (called “advanced course” in our shop) is the Advanced Adventurer (AA). This is an advanced training course in a single, closed course. Here, 5 specialties of your choice are “touched upon”. It’s quick, not quite as informative, but a recognised course comparable to e.g. the PADI AOWD (same system). We consider this a concession to tight time constraints, eg. if it is absolutely necessary to achieve a higher certification within one week.

2. Recognition level: The Advanced Open Water (AOWD)

An SSI recognition card is automatically (digitally) generated after certain requirements are met. Of course, this certification can also be ordered from us in plastic card form. This “full” Advanced Open Water is achieved after completion of at least 4 specialties and 24 logged dives. So the SSI AOWD documents that you have gone through an extensive advanced programme. For us this is the “correct” AOWD and in the hierarchy and equivalence of the diving associations it is also higher than the Advanced Adventurer (or also the PADI AOWD).

To complete confusion, the higher level SSI AOWD course was named the same as the slightly lower level PADI AOWD course.

So, in a nutshell, there are two ways:
Option 1: Advanced course plus dives (5)
Option 2: 4 specialties plus the necessary dives. Here, everything does not necessarily have to be done in one “shot”. There is no time limit on when and in what order the specialties are completed. When the requirements are met, the certification is issued automatically.

For option two, we recommend starting with the Nitrox and Deep Dive specialties. These form the basis for contemporary recreational diving.

In any case, the theory can already be completed in advance online or in the app.

We know how precious every day of a holiday is.

There are three things we focus on during your diving course:

  • Your holiday pleasure
  • Your safety
  • A professional education

That’s why we recommend a combination of independent, time and place-independent theory learning and intensive, personal practical training for your training.

For your theory training, we recommend multimedia (online) learning. For this purpose, we will activate you with our diving association SSI. You can complete the entire course online or in the free SSI app on any Android or iOS device. You can then learn the necessary diving theory immediately – at home and on the road, anytime, anywhere.

Don’t worry – all topics are explained easily and very comprehensibly. After each chapter, review questions ensure that you have memorised the most important points. Everything is designed to be simple and very entertaining.

Your personal Lagona Divers instructor will be at your side on site. He is happy to answer any questions and make sure you understand the theory. Of course, you can also complete the entire theory part (again) with him. – According to your wishes. In any case, he will conduct a short final theory test with you.

Tip: Ideally, you should book your diving course in our online shop or at the service centre before your arrival. After we have received your course fee, you can already start learning.

In any case, we get into the water as quickly as possible. Over the course of three to four days, you will complete exercises with your instructor that will

  • Familiarise yourself with the equipment,
  • Get used to breathing under water,
  • Get used to moving under water,
  • Train you to explore the fantastic underwater world in a safe and fun way.

The focus is always on your personal learning speed. It is important to your instructor that you have mastered the exercises. That’s why he or she will tailor his or her lessons to your knowledge and skills – within the framework of the prescribed lesson content and procedures.

By the end you will feel safe underwater, you will know the ins and outs of diving and be able to participate in dives independently.

Plan at least three, better four days for on-site training.

A normal level of fitness is sufficient for your diving course.

Divers are just normal people. The great thing about our sport: it’s not just reserved for well-trained people.

Not even chronic illnesses preclude diving. For many such conditions, diving doctors grant an “OK”.

So, what do you need to fulfil for a diving course at Lagona Divers:

  • have normal health
  • have normal fitness
  • Be able to swim 200m (and if in doubt, we’ll teach you!)

As you can see, it’s not much and almost anyone can do it!

Yes, we do. Our technical diving centre is located in Happy Life Village.

If you would like more information on technical diving, please visit our website:


With the appropriate equipment you are of course welcome to sidemount dive with us. You will receive 2 full tanks which will be charged as 2 dives. This means that you can participate in 2 dives with us or do them independently on the house reef.

If you prefer 2 full tanks per dive, we charge an additional 10 euros for the second dive and will gladly exchange the two “half-empty” tanks for two full ones.

Probably the most frequently asked question: “Are we allowed to dive alone in your buddy team?”

We don’t have to be there for every dive. However, it is generally forbidden to dive in Egypt without a guide certified by the state CDWS (Chamber of Diving and Watersports). So, what now, actually?

It is a legal requirement that a state-certified guide is responsible for the operations at the dive site. As a rule, we ensure this by guiding or accompanying the dive with our guide. In individual cases, after approval by the base management, he/she can also ensure compliance with the rules merely by being involved in the dive planning from shore.

We operate in a grey area, which is regulated as follows:

  1. Each of our guests completes at least the first dive with our escort. During this “Welcome Dive” we briefly practice/complete the basic safety handles. This doesn’t take long, makes everyone feel safe and relaxed and the dive is completed as a normal dive. See Welcome Dive
  2. In principle, our base management decides without exception after the Welcome Dive whether unaccompanied diving is possible. The minimum requirements for unaccompanied diving of the respective associations must be fulfilled first (usually at least AOWD and 30 logged dives).
  3. At every dive site outside our hotel premises, without exception, a guide is present due to legal regulations. This person is responsible for the process, the safety of each guest and the compliance with the legal regulations. As a rule, he can ensure this by accompanying/guiding the dive as well as by other means.
  4. On house reef dives we ensure safety and compliance with legal regulations through house reef maps and briefings, house reef lists with entry and exit times and the presence of our staff in case of emergencies. Thus, it is easiest to dive unaccompanied at the house reef.

So the answer is clearly: Maybe!

PS: We know about the worries and hardships of underwater photographers. We are also happy to accompany you only “on the sidelines” and to work completely according to your pace and motives. Our guide will also take away your worries about the necessary safety (e.g. diving depth, duration and profile).

There seems to be nothing legally preventing you from diving alone in Egypt with the appropriate certification. Both our associations and the CDWS have provided us with appropriate answers. However, it is strictly forbidden to dive in Egypt without a CDWS-certified guide. So, what now, actually?

As a basic rule, we have decided to do without solo diving on our bases. We would like to explain this a little:

Irrespective of the fact that we do not doubt certifications presented in principle and establish or assess the “water well-being level” by means of a welcome dive, we consider solo diving on our bases to be too risky. We are set up for diving in the absolute recreational area. In general, our divers are active hobby sportsmen and in the pure sense of the word “holiday divers”, i.e. only occasionally in the water. Our bases are set up for this. We fear not being able to respond adequately to a single diver in the water in the event of an irregularity. Since safety is our top priority, we have decided on this principle.

We rate a solo diver / independent diver training as an additional, useful safety training for “just in case” situations.

On site

The legal regulations and the rules of the diving associations leave us little more leeway in the documents to be submitted.

We require the following documents at check in:

  • Valid diving certification from a recognised organisation (we will add this to your check in documents during your stay).
  • Copy of your passport *)
  • Copy of the health certificate, if available *)

When you check in, we ask you to fill in the following:

  • Declaration on the state of health
  • Disclaimer / Declaration of assumption of risk

We will create a check in file for you with the following details: Address, certification level and number of dives, arrival and departure days, room number. On this check-in file, we enter the services you have used on a daily basis and use it as a basis for billing when you check out.

*) It is best if you already have copies with you. This saves us time at the check-in.

“Check Dive” – probably the most discussed spectre in the diving scene. But we can reassure you here: We do not discuss this topic!

Your first dive is our so-called “Welcome Dive”. For safety’s sake, every guest with us completes this course – brevet level and experience are completely irrelevant. So please spare yourselves and us the questioning about the necessity of this dive.

The Welcome Dive is accompanied by one of our Divemasters or Instructors. At the beginning of the dive, your guide will observe your buoyancy and assist with lead adjustment if necessary. Shortly after descending, perform three exercises: Take off the mask and put it back on, recover the regulator and float without supportive movements.

Passing the exercises is a prerequisite for largely independent diving during your stay with us. According to your guide’s assessment, it may be necessary for you to be accompanied by a guide in succession. For this we charge a small surcharge according to the price list. For divers with less than 30 verified dives this applies in any case.

The measures are for your own safety and are intended to ensure that you can enjoy your diving holiday without stress or accidents.

A diving medical certificate is not mandatory. It is sufficient to fill in the health declaration at the check-in. [Download]. Only in case of known acute or chronic health restrictions (one or more “yes” answers) a diving medical certificate (can also be acquired on site) is indispensable. Unless otherwise stated, a diving medical certificate is valid for a maximum of 12 months.
Please remember: It’s about your health and safety! If in doubt, it is always better to see a doctor.

We take reef protection very seriously. Therefore, the wearing of gloves is not allowed. We never have water temperatures that could justify wearing gloves.

We take the protection of the underwater world very seriously. Therefore, the carrying of diving knives is not allowed. If you want to carry “something sharp” for safety reasons, there is nothing wrong with diving scissors. A small jacket knife is also fine, of course.

All Lagona Divers bases are equipped with DIN valves. INT adapters are sufficiently available. So you don’t have to bring your own adapter.

We accept the following payment methods at all Lagona Divers dive centres:

  • Credit cards Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, VPAy (For payments on site at the dive centre 3% bank charges apply)
  • Paypal (4% fees)
  • Cash in local currency as well as common foreign currencies (Euro, USD, sFr)

A tip is gladly accepted everywhere and is not only a sign of your appreciation of performance, but also an important part of our staff’s income.
You will find a tip box at each of our dive centres. The content is regularly distributed to all our employees. In this way, our hard-working helpers in the background also reliably receive their share.

On behalf of our employees, we say a big thank you!

Booking / Dive Packages

Clear answer: Yes, it makes a lot of sense to book in advance.

Availability of capacity on the basis:

We have always planned all capacities for pre-booked guests. We ensure a smooth diving holiday from day one.

Dive prices

In principle, our package prices in the shop are cheaper than the prices on site.

Lagona Divers Card holders registered in the shop have access to reduced pre-booking rates and exclusive offers.

No risk of cancellation

Check out our generous refund policy: What happens to unused dive packages and courses?

We offer you different packages. There’s sure to be something for you too.

Dive packages

Our dive packages are built according to the modular principle: You only pay for what you need. Add excursions by jeep or boat on site as you wish. Or use the dives from the package in our sensational house reef! You also only pay for rental equipment when you need it.

  • Dives are freely distributable over the entire stay
  • Dive breaks are possible at any time

Fancy some more? No problem. Pre-booked dives will of course be credited towards the lower sliding scale price.

daily packages all inclusive

Our day packages include everything you need for a day of diving. No surprises: Everything is already included in the price.

And this is what your day package includes on following days:

  • All local diving permits
  • welcome procedures incl. guide on the first dive
  • 2 dives per day with tank, air/nitrox and weights
  • Two 1 tank trips or one 2 tank trip per day incl. group guide. (first day only house reef)
  • Special price for further dives on same day: 25 Euro
  • 10% discount on special trips (e.g. boat trip)

Fancy for more? No problem. The pre-booked dives will of course be credited after the end of the day package to reach the cheaper graduated price.

In general:

Dive packages cannot be transferred to on-site services or other persons

Pre-booked dive packages and dive courses (including those booked on site) can only be settled on the basis of our refund policy, this also applies if, for example, the house reef was not always accessible due to weather conditions.
Take advantage of the daily rides offered.

  • Dive vouchers are only valid for travel periods after the booking date.
  • Dive vouchers are only valid for the dive centre named in the voucher.
  • First redemption (check-in) of the voucher must be within the printed travel period.
  • The diving packages booked in this way are valid for a maximum of 4 weeks from the first redemption of the diving voucher (check-in).
  • Dive packages are valid for max. 1 person.
    Exceptions: Families with non-diving children, Buddy Group (see FAQs).
  • Dive packages are valid for the persons named (at the latest) at check-in.
  • After expiry of the validity, unused dives expire without compensation.

Our diving packages are personal and non-transferable. Therefore, in principle, the packages offered cannot be divided among each other or used up.

The Buddy Group:

You can form a Lagona Divers Buddy Group. For a one-off fee of 15 euros per diver, all members of the buddy group can share booked packages. The buddy group must be formed no later than the second day of diving and must be registered at the counter.


Adults spending their diving holiday at Lagona Divers with non-diving children under the age of 12 can share booked dive packages.

Refund conditions for dive packages, courses and specialties (diving services):

Dive packages will be refunded in full minus a processing fee of 20 euros per package concerned. A refund of partially used packages is excluded.

We refund complete or partially unused diving courses and specialties like this:

A processing fee of 20 euros per affected course/specialty applies.

SSI registrations and digital teaching materials are retained for 3 months for Rental Kits and for life for Diamond Kits. These are non-refundable. Therefore a cancellation fee of 55 Euros per course/specialty will be charged.

For courses where dives are included in the course price, 55 Euros will be charged for each training dive conducted.

Refunds must be submitted no later than the 30th day after the return date printed on the voucher. After that date, unredeemed benefits will be forfeited without compensation.

Please send payments to Lagona Divers to the following bank accounts:

Bank details for payments in Euro:

Account holder: Generation X GmbH
Bank: Solaris Bank Gf
IBAN: DE05 1101 0101 5812 2173 17

Bank details for payments in GBP (British Pounds):

From within UK:
Account holder: Generation X GmbH
Sort code: 23-14-70
Account number: 18809035
IBAN: GB35 TRWI 2314 7018 8090 35
Address: 56 Shoreditch High Street London E1 6JJ United Kingdom

From outside UK:
Account holder: Generation X GmbH
IBAN: GB35 TRWI 2314 7018 8090 35
Address: 56 Shoreditch High Street London E1 6JJ United Kingdom

Bank details for payments in USD:

From within USA:
Account holder: Generation X GmbH
Routing number: 084009519
Account number: 9600008700742184
Account type: Checking
Address: 30 W. 26th Street, Sixth Floor New York NY 10010 United States

From outside USA:
Account holder: Generation X GmbH
Account number: 8310018320
Address: 30 W. 26th Street, Sixth Floor New York NY 10010 United States

We want you to have the best and safest way to enjoy your diving holiday at Lagona Divers. For this reason, we have been leaving all travel bookings to “Lagona Travel GmbH”, a tour operator and travel agent specialising exclusively in diving holidays, since 2001.

Lagona Travel GmbH has all the important insurances for you and maintains contracts with (almost) all tour operators. This enables the diving holiday professional to filter out the best offer for you from the large range of all tour operators. However, if there is nothing suitable, the team can also design a complete, legally secured trip themselves – in this case, the Lagona Divers crew will take care of everything on site in the background.

For you, we always make sure that everything runs smoothly and that you don’t book with “Ali Baba and the 40 Robbers” without realising it. Your payments are secured by an insolvency insurance (security certificate) with R&V. If you suffer damage, Allianz will assist you with tour operator liability insurance.

This and much more are the reasons why we place all travel matters in the hands of Lagona Travel. And that’s why Lagona Travel also answers you when it comes to your travel enquiries.

By the way: for this purpose – and only for this purpose – we also pass on your data to Lagona Travel GmbH.

Well then: enquire about your next dream holiday with us right away: Start booking request

We are also happy to book complete package tours or parts of them for you. Lagona Travel is responsible for this.

If you book your trip through us, you support our daily work through the commission we receive. We offer you support and advice from our team.

Packages that we offer directly are organised by Lagona Travel. All these tours are tour operator tours under German law and are insured against insolvency.

In addition, our travel team has access to almost all tour operator tours in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries.

So why book anonymously on the internet? Why not book everything from one source? We know our hotels from our own experience!

Credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) are accepted at all Lagona Divers dive centres.
When paying with credit cards on site at the dive centre, we charge a fee of 3% on the payment amount.

Besides credit cards, we accept cash and payment via Paypal (4% fees).

We accept the following payment methods at all Lagona Divers dive centres:

  • Credit cards Visa and Mastercard (For payments on site at the dive centre plus 3% bank charges)
  • Paypal (4% fees)
  • Cash in local currency as well as common foreign currencies (Euro, USD, sFr)