Lagona Divers Club

This is where friends of diving meet. The exclusive club for our regular customers.


Since 1994 we – Lagona Divers – have been offering our services to divers from all over the world. Since then, many beginners, advanced divers, professionals, holiday divers, diving maniacs, diving instructors, “Hollywood divers”, shallow water snorkellers, compressed air junkies, simply all categories of friends of our common diving sport have met at one of our diving bases. And since 2021, we are now joined by the lovers of tech diving.

Our goal has always been to create a holiday experience that suits our guests. We seem to be succeeding in many cases. The percentage of our repeat guests is traditionally high – a fact for which we are very grateful.

In the Lagona Divers Club – a further development of our Lagona Divers Card – we offer all our loyal guests a platform through which we would like to thank each and every one of them with various exclusive benefits.

The club is open to all our guests after their first visit to a Lagona Divers dive centre.

We look forward to you joining this community!

How do I get in?

After your first visit to a Lagona Divers dive centre, entry is open to you. Submit an application for membership and accept the club conditions. Afterwards, our service centre will confirm your membership in a short email with your club number.

The easiest way to do this is to give your consent at check in or check out at a Lagona Divers dive centre.

You can also take an application form home with you and decide at your leisure. Then send the application to our service centre by e-mail or post.

Our online application is a quick and easy way to join. Simply fill out the form below, submit it and soon you will be part of our great community and enjoy our club benefits.

Lagona Divers Club EN

Application for membership in the Lagona Divers Club

After your first visit to a Lagona Divers dive centre, you have the opportunity to become a member of our Lagona Divers Club for free.

If you forgot to register when you checked out, you can do so here.

I was your guest at:

Please accept the Lagona Divers Club terms and conditions and the privacy policy.
You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.

Exclusive club benefits

We are constantly working on our club benefits so that it doesn’t get boring. You can always check out our current club offer here.

As a member of the Lagona Divers Club you currently have the following advantages.

Before your visit

We already offer you advantages when planning and booking your diving holiday:

  • 5% additional online advantage in the shop
  • Early booking advantage for our events
  • One free dive per year
  • A 10 euro shop voucher every year
  • Exclusive offers in the club newsletter
  • 2% on package tours booked with us
  • … further advantages in preparation

At a Lagona Divers dive centre

We also offer benefits to our club members during your visit:

  • 5% discount on all on-site diving services
  • 5% discount on non-reduced merchandise
  • Promotional offers subject to availability
  • 5% discount on TEC courses for beginner
  • 500l helium per year free of charge
  • … further advantages in preparation

Partner offers

Various partners of ours also offer you advantages as a club member:

  • 5% discount on your personal restaurant bill at “Sharks” in Dahab
  • 5% discount at our equipment dealer “scuba too” in Dahab
  • … further advantages in preparation

Partner offers are current as of 02/2023 and may be terminated or amended without notice. It’s always best to check with us first for the latest deals!

What else do I need to know?


Here you can find the club terms and conditions.

Worth knowing / How To

Here you will find the description of the benefits and how to get them.

Prerequisite is the registration in the online shop with activation as a club member.

You must be registered as a club member in our online shop. To do this, you create your customer profile in our shop once. If you use the email address registered in the club, the club advantage is usually activated automatically. You will be informed of this by a corresponding e-mail. For new members, this may take some time in individual cases. In this case, simply contact our Service Centre for manual activation.

Only if you are logged in as a club member in the store you will see your reduced prices and can book directly at the club price. Use the login button before booking.

A subsequent price reduction of booked packages is not possible.

Club members receive information in advance about the booking release of our events. Depending on the event, we activate further early booking benefits for our events. We will inform you about the advantages and how you can receive them in our club newsletter.

At the beginning of the year or when you join the club, we activate an exclusive voucher for a free dive for every club member. This voucher will be automatically added to your shopping basket the next time you book in the shop.

Have fun diving with Lagona Divers!

At the beginning of the year or when you join the club, we activate an exclusive 10 Euro voucher for every club member. This voucher will be automatically taken into account at the checkout the next time you book in the shop.

Our service centre is a travel agency specialising in diving trips to Lagona Divers. This gives us access to all tour operators bookable mainly but not only in German-speaking countries. At least for customers from the Netherlands or Belgium we are able to find tours easily.

Why not book your entire diving trip with us? How?

  1. Have you already discovered the offer you want?
    Tell our service centre what you would like to book. Please provide all the information so that we can find your offer in the jungle of the many offers.
    Our team checks the bookability and whether your trip can be found even cheaper.
    After consultation, we will book your trip with the cheapest tour operator or with the one of your choice.
  2. You haven’t found your dream holiday yet?
    Our service centre will be happy to find the right trip for you from the many tour operator offers and suggest a diving holiday. When you book, we will check again whether the offer is available or even cheaper in the meantime. We book the trip according to your wishes with the cheapest tour operator or with the one of your choice.
  3. You have special wishes or your desired offer is not to be found?
    Our group of companies also includes Lagona Travel, a complete, independent dive tour operator. This means that we can offer you your dream package independently as a Lagona package holiday with all the benefits. This includes travel price insurance, liability according to German travel law and travel guidance by the Lagona Divers team.
    We are often able to undercut the market prices.

Lagona package holidays are always individually calculated diving holidays. No further credits are possible here. This is especially true for group tours and Lagona event tours.

On all dives and dive packages that you book on site, you currently receive a discount of 5%. This discount will be deducted from your payment when you check out. The discount only applies to club members, not to other divers you may be paying for.

Don’t forget that if you book in advance in the shop, you can benefit from the already reduced online prices and the additional club advantage.

You will receive a 5% discount on items from our Lagona Divers Shop, which will be automatically deducted at checkout. Special offers or reduced items are usually excluded. If in doubt, please ask the team in advance whether the discount applies to your desired item.

Your way into technical diving:

You get 5% discount on the following beginner courses:

  • SSI Extended Range Foundations
  • SSI Extended Range Nitrox

As a certified Trimix diver you receive up to 500l of helium free of charge once a year.

The following applies to most partner offers:

You will receive a personal voucher at our dive center, which you can redeem at our partner. Unfortunately, without a voucher, you will not be granted the advantage at our partners.

Please be sure to ask what benefits are currently available and how you can redeem this benefit.