• dive center:
    Lagona Divers
    - Dahab South

    Happy Life Village

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  • dive center:
    Lagona Divers
    - Dahab North

    Tropitel Dahab Oasis

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  • dive center:
    Lagona Divers
    - Marsa Alam

    Three Corners
    Happy Life Beach Resort

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Lagona Divers - Dahab North
Lagona Divers - Dahab South
Lagona Divers - Marsa Alam

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Welcome to Lagona Divers!

Great that you are here today!

Since 1994 Lagona Divers is at your service in the field of scuba diving. Since that year we’re constantly working hard to improve and expand our range of services.

Our philosophy:
Diving within a big family.  At Lagona Divers you’ll always have fun; but we never waive safety and sense of responsibility.

Our service:
Our teams in Egypt  are put together solely of qualified dive instructors, divemaster and dive guide (SSI, PADI, CMAS).
Depending on the Lagona Divers – dive center we’re offerung up to 5 dives a day, night and early morning dives included.
Our groups of divers are small. We’re taking care to keep a high level of indivdual service for all of you.

Lagona Divers Servicecenter, located in Germany is at your service to handle all requests, questins, bookings, questions and suggestions concerning our dive centers. Our friendly team is keen on answering your requests via email or on the phone. It is able to book your dive packages or even can advise you in matter of travel packages, flights and more.

Contact our servicecenter!
phone: +49 9406 2831-0 or email: info [at] Lagona-Divers [dot] com