Plane on Money

Diving holidays 2024: With us, the air is included in the price!

Anyone flying to a diving holiday today has a lot to be prepared for. Many thanks to all the tourists who for years actually believed the bait-and-switch offers that promised flights for 29 euros and less to the popular holiday destinations. In return, they were willing to accept a few restrictions. Well, the bait-and-switch offers have long been a thing of the past. But the airlines now know only too well to what extent we are all prepared to have our comfort restricted, or to gladly pay an additional fee for it.

The days of cheap flying are over. And so are the days of free service on the plane.

We can reassure you as a Lagona Divers guest: We have no intention of jumping on this bandwagon. For us, the service is always included in the price – and so is the air. For trained divers even Nitrox for free!

In “Stern” online, Marion Büttner has vividly summarised our calculated suffering when travelling. In just 2 minutes of reading time, she reports on “Calculated misery”. The article is in German language.