Lagona Divers Club Terms and Conditions

Here you can find the club conditions for the Lagona Divers customer club.

1. Subject

These Lagona Divers Club and Participation Conditions (hereinafter “LDCB”) govern the operation and modalities of participation and membership in the “Lagona Divers Club”. Lagona Divers Club is a customer loyalty programme for regular customers of the dive centres operating under the “Lagona Divers” brand.
The club is administered by Generation X GmbH, Marktstrasse 5, 93098 Mintraching
Lagona Divers dive centres are operated by local companies that are not affiliated with Generation X GmbH under company law.
In the following, “club companies” refers to the entirety of the operating companies and Generation X GmbH.

2. Eligible persons

2.1 Lagona Divers Club members can only be natural persons who have reached the age of 10.

2.2 Excluded from membership are in particular companies, societies, authorities, associations as well as employees of a club company and employees of companies that are commissioned with the implementation or supervision of the Lagona Divers Club.

2.3 Also excluded are persons who, due to their status, are associated with a club company in a business relationship and already receive booking benefits of a monetary nature from this (e.g. expeditors or journalists).

3. Participation modalities

3.1 Participation in the Club is free of charge and can take one of the forms listed below:

  • online at
  • In writing by completing a form provided by a Lagona Divers dive centre.
  • Consent on the customer form kept at each visit to a Lagona Divers dive centre.

3.2 If the registration for the Lagona Divers Club is made prior to a first stay at a Lagona Divers dive centre, the club membership starts at the earliest after the end of this first stay. In this case, you will not be able to use the benefits of membership during this stay.

3.3 To confirm successful registration, you will receive an email confirming your membership and providing you with your Club membership number. This can also be requested at any time from the service centre or a Lagona Divers dive centre.

3.4 You must provide your full name as it appears on your identification document, your date of birth, your address (no P.O. Box), the country of your residence and your personal email address when you register and you must agree to these General Club Terms and Conditions. The registration of a club member with an e-mail address that is already linked to another user is not permitted.

4. Membership

4.1 Membership shall be in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of the Club. As a Lagona Divers Club member, your membership and the associated club benefits remain permanent.

4.2 You may withdraw from or terminate your membership of Lagona Divers Club at any time without notice. An informal written notice to or to the address mentioned under point 11 is sufficient.

4.3 There is no legal entitlement to membership of the Lagona Divers Club – even if the requirements are met. The club companies expressly reserve the right to refuse membership to guests or to cancel an existing membership, even without giving reasons. If such an event occurs, the customer loses any right to claim all Lagona Divers Club benefits. Claims for compensation of any kind are excluded.

5. Availment of the club benefits

5.1 The member is granted exclusive benefits. These can be, for example, regular customer specials, percentage price advantages, booking credits or participation in exclusive events. The concrete advantages are presented at
If different club levels are introduced, these benefits may vary per level.

5.2 As not every club benefit can be granted at every Lagona Divers dive centre due to the different local conditions, the concrete design of local club benefits is dependent on the operational possibilities of the respective dive centre on site. There is no entitlement to the individual benefits by the Club Member.

5.3 Failure to accept a Lagona Divers Club benefit will result in the forfeiture of that benefit. There is no entitlement to exchange a Club Benefit for another Club Benefit or to payment of an equivalent value in the event of non-utilisation of a Lagona Divers Club Benefit. If the Club benefit is a credit, the following applies: The credit is only granted to the Lagona Divers Club member, it is not transferable or payable.

5.4 Benefits granted for advance bookings can only be used at the time of booking. A customer account in the online store system is a prerequisite for their use. Subsequent granting is not possible.

5.5 We reserve the right not to grant selected benefits already in the case of otherwise reduced services or in the context of special events.

5.6 In the event of a permissible rescission (e.g. conversion, cancellation, rescission or rescission) of a contract, any discount credit granted shall be refunded.

6. Club benefits

6.1 Lagona Divers Club Members are entitled to a number of privileges and benefits, which may also vary according to the level of the Club. The granting of local privileges is subject to the provision of the personal club card number at the latest at check-in, otherwise at the time of booking.

6.2 Club benefits are divided into personal privileges and booking-linked benefits. The personal privilege is reserved for the member as an individual and is non-transferable. The booking-related benefit requires that the person making the booking or receiving the invoice is a member of the Lagona Divers Customer Club and participates in the trip in order to be able to make use of the privileges to which he/she is entitled, possibly in accordance with the club level. There is no entitlement to multiple or cumulative granting of the booking-linked privilege.

7. Transferability

7.1 Membership explicitly refers to the person travelling, regardless of the invoice recipient. It is not possible to transfer the benefits to another person, nor is it possible to transfer the entire Club membership.
7.2 Club benefits can also be claimed by minors without their own club membership if they participate in the diving programme accompanied by a club member with parental authority.

8. Data changes

Customer data can be updated at any time by contacting the office managing the Club by telephone or by e-mail to

9. Programme changes and discontinuation of the programme

9.1 The Lagona Divers Club is a voluntary offer from the Lagona Divers dive centres. The club companies therefore expressly reserve the right to change, adapt or even discontinue this offer in whole or in part at any time and without giving reasons, or to replace it with another programme. The Club Companies reserve the right to adapt and amend the GTC from time to time (the currently valid version can be viewed at any time at In addition, the club companies reserve the right to introduce club levels, to change or adjust the applicable club classification basis and to vary the respective benefits.

9.2 Amendments or additions to the Conditions of Participation shall be deemed to have been accepted if the Member does not object to them in writing within two months of notification. If a member objects to the change or addition within the specified period, his/her participation in the programme shall end.

10. Legal notice

10.1 Without providing the full name, postal address (no PO Box), e-mail address and date of birth, membership of Lagona Divers Club is not possible. The Member accepts that the Club Companies may store his/her personal data and use it for its own membership administration and communication purposes, e.g. to inform him/her about new Lagona Divers Club benefits.

10.2 Data provided by members will be stored digitally to ensure optimal management of the Club. The provisions on data protection apply in addition.

10.3 German law shall apply exclusively.

11. Contact

Lagona Divers Servicecenter
c/o Generation X GmbH
Marktstrasse 5
93098 Mintraching
+49 9406 2831-0