Our offer for groups

Are you looking for the perfect place to experience a perfect diving holiday with your own group of divers?! The search is over!

Travelling with a larger group brings special challenges. It is usually not easy to coordinate individuals on holiday. At Lagona Divers we are fortunate to be able to offer something for everyone without stress. And that starts with the planning at home!

Our group conditions

What discounts apply for group bookings?

All packages are charged at the (already discounted) online prices. In addition, the following graduated discounts apply:

6 to 10 packages: 5% group discount
11 to 29 packages: 10% group discount
more than 30 packages: 15% group discount

What is considered a group at Lagona Divers?

We do not define groups (only) by the number of participants. Rather, we consider the joint booking of several dive packages as one group, which means that our group conditions can also be applied to a small number of buddies.

When and how do we apply the group rates?

  • One contact person, one invoice.
  • Common travel period (at least the majority of the days must be spent together).
  • All packages in one booking. The packages can be different. Courses and specialties are also possible in group bookings. Only the number is decisive.
  • Bookings must be made before arrival and the invoice amount must be settled.
  • The number of packages can be increased up to 7 days before arrival. The discount will be adjusted to the total number.
  • The group discount is applied in one sum to the total invoice.
  • A group discount cannot be combined with other discounts or special prices. (For example, our Lagona Divers Club – price is not possible within group bookings).
  • Within the group, individual packages are only transferable as a whole. Packages are not divisible.

How is settlement made on site?

On site, each diver is checked in individually and his or her personal file is created. The package assigned to him/her from the booking is noted in this file. The individual dives, excursions or purchases are noted daily in this file. On departure, we settle the accounts with each participant separately.

What makes dive groups different?

Groups are often only seen as a unit and treated as such. Individual wishes are not taken into account.
Our dive groups at the dive site have a maximum size of 6 divers each. This is the “unit” that we base all our daily planning on.

Different training levels of the participants
As SSI Instructor Training Centre and SSI XR Instructor Training Centre, we cater for all levels of training. We know how different levels of training lead to exciting dives.

Different levels of experience of the participants
During the Welcome Dive, we and each individual diver get an idea of their current diving experience (and ability) and we know that experience can change over the course of their diving holiday with us. We adjust our dive plans, trips and groups from day to day.

Different interests in the diving area
The individual planning from day to day enables us to flexibly and quickly take into account the individual interests of our guests. Not everyone always has to go to the same dive site.

Different wishes regarding the number of dives
Our divers choose from day to day which dives they want to participate in. This way, frequent and infrequent divers fit together without any problems.

Different budgets of the participants
In our groups, not all participants have to book the same package of dives. Each group member can choose a different package for themselves.

Different age groups
Different age groups dive differently. Kids, for example, are usually not allowed to dive as deep, long and often. At the other end of the age range, seniors sometimes want to take it easy. Our individual day planning takes this into account and is done in close coordination with our guests.

Coordination of travel planning
Planning a trip for a group can be challenging. At Lagona Divers we have travel specialists who provide professional and legally compliant support from individual travel packages to large groups. For this purpose, our service centre is constantly manned and available.

The group leader is responsible for everything
Our team assists with the planning, booking and implementation of the trip. In advance and on site. Our service does not begin and end at the dive site!

Booking as a group is not “worth it”
We offer interesting discounts from just 6 dive packages booked together

The result: satisfied group leaders and participants right from the start!

Wir garantieren den besten Tauchurlaub!

How a group becomes special

It can be a challenge to create a group feeling in a tour group and still give each participant the maximum of their ideas.

At Lagona Divers, we think we have a knack for this. The many satisfied groups that visit us regularly are good proof of this.

One of the things that distinguishes group trips with us is the all-round service we provide right from the planning stage of the trip. If you wish, you can leave the entire organisation in our hands. We even offer individualised invitations to tender and flyers for the paperwork.

At the hotel, we make sure that the participants are accommodated in a building complex in the immediate vicinity of the dive centre.

On site, in addition to the diving trips, we also offer other activities that can be undertaken together. A joint camel trip (for diving), our dive boat, which can also be offered exclusively depending on the size of the group, and a fantastic wadi dinner in the desert create a group experience that everyone will remember with pleasure.

We take care of each participant according to his or her personal needs, knowledge and skills; without this influencing the other participants.

At Lagona Divers we combine group benefits with maintaining individuality for each participant: the best of both worlds – above and below water!

What group leaders should know

Nitrox is free for properly trained divers.

We do not “interfere” unnecessarily in the group, but see ourselves as service providers and supporters for the group leader. We therefore discuss all activities with the group leader as a matter of priority, and we pass on and discuss any requests from the group to our staff.

Own training dives are no problem. As long as the instructor has a valid training licence, you can also train with us yourself. We do not charge extra. We only charge at least two dives per instructor and student per day (e.g. from the package). This means that two tanks per person and day are available for training.

Lagona Divers – Dahab South in Happy Life Village is, in our opinion, best suited for a diving group. This is also an opportunity to try technical diving or to integrate certified technical divers into a recreational diving group.

For technical divers we prefer to discuss services and conditions separately. Our group conditions do not always fit here.

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Commercial suppliers

We offer further advantages for commercial organisers. Please contact us with the relevant proof to get access to the brokerage conditions.

Customer service by divers for divers

In Germany, a service centre is available for all your questions about your diving holiday, bookings, diving courses and suggestions about our diving centres. Our friendly team will be happy to answer your questions by email or phone. They can book diving packages for you or advise you on and design complete diving trips.