What direct flights are there from Europe to Dahab (Sharm El-Sheikh)?

Dahab is a popular holiday destination on the Red Sea in Egypt. The town offers numerous underwater attractions, especially for divers. But what is the best way to get to Dahab? Which airlines offer direct flights from Europe? And when is the best time to visit?

In this blog post we give an overview of the most important information about flights to Sharm El-Sheikh. We show which European airports offer direct connections, how long the flight time is, how much a ticket costs and what tips should be considered to find the cheapest flight.

Direct flights from Europe to Sharm El-Sheikh

According to the website FlightConnections.com, there are currently 69 destinations in 26 countries connected to Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport (IATA: SSH, ICAO: HESH). Of these, 30 can be reached directly, without changing planes. Most direct flights come from Germany, Italy, Great Britain and Russia.

The offers change frequently and are geared quite quickly to demand. Therefore, a generally valid overview of the flights on offer is no longer possible. Many of the direct flights are sold as full charters to tour operators and do not even appear in the usual flight booking machines. The only thing that often helps here is the expertise of our travel consultants, for example, who “search” the routes to Sharm El-Sheikh almost daily.

The flight time from Europe to Sharm El-Sheikh varies depending on the departure point and wind conditions. The shortest direct flights take about 4 hours, for example from Istanbul or Budapest. The longest direct flights take about 6 hours, for example from Glasgow or Helsinki.

The prices of airline tickets to Sharm El-Sheikh depend on many factors, such as the season, demand, airline, booking time and departure location. To find the best deals, we recommend you compare prices on different websites, such as Skyscanner.co.uk. There you can find out the cheapest months or even days for your trip.

Tips for finding a flight to Dahab

Here are some tips that can help you find the best flight to Sharm El-Sheikh:

  • Be flexible with travel dates. Fly during the week or outside holiday periods to get cheaper fares.
  • Be flexible with your departure point. Compare prices from different airports near you or in other European cities that offer direct flights.
  • Book in advance. Prices usually go up the closer you get to your departure date. Try to book at least two months before your trip to get the best deals.
  • Take advantage of low-cost airlines. Many low-cost airlines such as easyJet, Wizz Air or Pobeda Airlines fly directly to Sharm El-Sheikh. Note, however, that these flights are often less comfortable and may incur additional charges for luggage or other services. Diving luggage can then cost an extra 160 euros for carriage!
  • Check the entry requirements for Egypt. To enter Egypt, you need a valid passport and a visa. You can either apply for a visa online or buy one at the airport on arrival. Check the current conditions and requirements before travelling.The same applies for many nationalities: For direct entry from abroad, the so-called “small” or “Sinai only” visa is sufficient for your trip to Dahab. You will receive this free of charge(!) when entering Sharm El-Sheikh.


Dahab is an attractive destination for a diving holiday on the Red Sea. To get there, you have many options to book a direct flight from Europe. Compare prices and flight times from different airports and airlines to find the best flight for your needs.

It is important to know that the lowest prices are currently available when booking early. Those who wait often pay more unnecessarily.

We wish you a good journey!