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02. Dezember 2023


The Spirit of Crazy Week

Who could describe the spirit of Lagona Divers – Crazy Week better than our friend Peter S. Kaspar, who has been with us since our first event. In the meantime, it is impossible to imagine the evening entertainment without him.

Hier, was Peter nach einer vergangenen Lagona Divers – Crazy Week zu berichten wusste:

The crazy week

Crazy Week is an integral part of the diving calendar

“Never dive alone” is an iron law of scuba diving – but diving in a big pack is not really fun. In fact, most divers want to go into the water with as few companions as possible, but afterwards they want to share the experience with as many people as possible. Balancing this contradiction with a big event, of all things, sounds like a crazy idea – just like the „Crazy Week“.
Over the years, Crazy Week has become the biggest regular diving event in Egypt. Between 70 and 120 divers are regularly drawn to the Red Sea in the run-up to Christmas. Their expectation: to dive a lot and have fun with other divers. Most of those who come are “repeat offenders”, the third, fourth or fifth time. So there must be something to Crazy Week, which has become a fixed date in the annual calendar of many divers.

How does such a big event work?

The weeks before the event require the highest commitment from the dive centre. Logistics and organisation are everything when it comes to looking after around 100 divers for a week. After check-in, groups of six are formed, which ideally stay together in this composition for a week. These groups then take turns going to different dive sites in a jeep or minibus. The groups that had their trips in the morning dive the house reef at noon and vice versa. In addition, two full-day trips by boat are offered during the week. In this way, the situation in the water is quickly equalised. Even if 100 divers come to the event – a big pack diving is impossible. The groups always remain manageable.
But diving is only one part of the event. It is also about information, exchange of experiences, entertainment and, of course, having fun together. This is guaranteed by an extensive evening programme that is open to all participants. It includes such diverse items as lectures. Quiz events. Readings or desert dinners.

Slogan scratch-off tickets

The hunt for the coveted scratch-off tickets begins on the first day. Whoever gets hold of the right ones will win a lot of prizes at the big raffle on the final evening. They range from trips and diving vouchers to diving equipment such as masks or dive computers. Scratch cards are won by participants on all sorts of occasions. The Lagona team is quite imaginative when it comes to developing a new game every year in which the guests have to prove their dexterity. For example, a yellow mini-submarine had to be steered flawlessly through a course. Another time, water darts skills were in demand.

With momentum to cult status

Once born out of a PR event for Sinai, Crazy Week quickly took on a momentum of its own. This is how this “crazy week” has become a cult event that cannot be compared with any other. It has its own charm and spirit. It brings people together who continue to meet for diving beyond Crazy Week.

Never dive alone is more than just a safety standard.

Peter S. Kaspar, Travel journalist

The participants of the Crazy Week

The Lagona Divers – Crazy Week is suitable for everyone. Over the years we have become adept at bringing together professionals, beginners, hobby divers, holiday divers, snorkellers and non-divers in an “event family” where everyone gets their money’s worth.

Our dive sites guarantee pure diving fun for everyone!

Professionals will find appealing dive sites and can even get to know or even use our Tec Diving department.

Beginners find a professional team of instructors with whom they can deepen their knowledge and gain experience.

Hobby diver, holiday diver indulge in their sport in a relaxed atmosphere. Always with the security of exploring breathtaking dive sites with a well-equipped dive centre.

Snorkellers and non-divers are always welcome on the trips to the dive sites. Most of the dive sites offer the splendour of the Red Sea even on the surface.
And of course there is also the opportunity to “try out” diving during the event.

…and in the evening the whole group meets for a joint evening programme.

Everything can, nothing must!

Christian Brückl,Founder of Lagona Divers

Timing of the Crazy Week

The Lagona Divers – Crazy Week always takes place at the beginning of December, with “St. Nicholas Day” as a fixed point. The event is always planned in such a way that the 6th of December lies within the event.


Participant comments


Finally full of diving again!

Crazy Week

The eighth “Lagona Divers – Crazy Week”!

After the event is before the event. The Lagona Divers – Crazy Week 2023 is already bookable!

For our eighth edition of the Lagona Divers – Crazy Week we will meet again at our dive centre Lagona Divers – Dahab South in Happy Life Village in Dahab.

Experience makes you wise. That’s why in 2023, for the first time, we are offering our event completely without flights. In the meantime, there are many opportunities to come to Sharm El-Sheikh worldwide. We cannot integrate all the possibilities into our package. And so our guests who are not travelling from Germany will also have the opportunity to participate.

The Lagona Divers – Crazy Week 2023 event programme will take place from 04.12.2023 to 08.12.2023. Ideally, you should arrive on 03.12. at the latest and depart on 09.12.2023 at the earliest (in the evening, as 08.12. is still a diving day).

I’m sure we’ll have another great holiday and dive with you in the most wonderful places the Red Sea has to offer in Dahab.

Whether beginner or professional: everyone gets their money’s worth at our event! Fun and experience for everyone!

Even non-divers can enjoy the Lagona Divers – Crazy Week: there is a reduced event price without a dive package. Or even better: Why not complete the diving course in the context of this great week?


7 nights stay at Happy Life Village
with 5 event days
at Lagona Divers – Dahab South

The basic package

03.12.2023 – 10.12.2023

  • Airport transfers on site
  • 7 nights in a deluxe room in the “Happy Life Village” with all-inclusive board
  • “half double rooms” bookable – The rooms have separate beds. We occupy the other bed with a same-sex participant. So why pay a surcharge?
  • 5 diving days with event programme

in DBL 570,– Euro
in SGL 670,– Euro

Flight search service

We search and offer suitable flights for you:

30,– Euro

Additional advantages when booking flights through us:

  • Package including flight
  • Insolvency insurance for the entire trip
  • Guaranteed matching flight to the event
  • Flexible arrival and departure date
  • Monitoring of flight schedule changes
  • Frustration-free overall package

Extra nights

  • Additional night in a double room:
    32 Euro
  • Additional night in a single room:
    47 Euro

from 32,– Euro


Each participant receives

  • Unlimited house reef diving (entry 09:00 to 15:00) on 5 diving days
  • Four 1 tank trips (1 dive) to one of Dahab’s magnificent dive sites
  • One day on our exclusive dive boat incl. 2 dives (alternatively another half day trip)
  • Tank, air/nitrox and weights included for all dives
  • Lots of fun!

Fees (reef tax/harbor tax/entry fees) not included.
Currently there is an entrance fee of about 8 euros at the Blue Hole. Other dive sites (still) without fee. These current prices will be added to the cost price on site. We do not plan any chargeable dive sites in the standard programme in advance, so there are no obligatory entrance fees.

Sufficient equipment is available and can be hired on site for a fee.

Free included offers are allocated on site according to the first come – first serve principle.
Subject to change and availability.

Reiseanmeldung Crazy Week EN

Travel registration

I hereby bindingly register the following persons for the following trip.

Lagona Divers - Crazy Week 2023

Included services:

  • Airport transfers in Egypt
  • 7 Nights"Happy Life Village", Dahab
    Accommodation in Standard Deluxe Room with all inclusive
  • Core event 04.12. - 08.12.2023
    According to tender

Base price
in 1/2 double room per person: € 570,00
in a single room per person: € 675,00

Travel declarant


Participant 1

core event
04.12. - 08.12.2023

Participant 2

core event
04.12. - 08.12.2023

* when booking a ½ double room, if no suitable additional participant is booked, from 01.11.2023 the booking will automatically be changed to a single room with a surcharge.