Two hours of night diving?

Today our divers came to us with an almost lunatic idea. “How about we log a night dive of two hours tonight?”

At first, our dive center manager looked rather puzzled. But when “01:55 am” was requested for the entry into the house reef, everything was clear.

Because today, Friday 28.04.2023, it’s that time again. Egypt (re)introduces daylight saving time. In the night from Friday, 28.04.2023 to 29.04.2023 the clocks will be set forward one hour.

“A bitter loss for our guests,” says the hotel manager. Sure, the well-deserved holiday is simply cut by an hour. Our divers seemed to have a different opinion.

I’m sure it’s a nice idea, but unfortunately the night dive probably won’t happen because of Coast Guard regulations.

A pity really, isn’t it?