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Offer of the month: SSI specialty “Sidemount Diving”


What has long been practised in wreck and cave diving is now also being discovered by more and more recreational divers: the easy, pleasant and weightless diving without feeling the weight of the scuba on your back – who wouldn’t want to have this experience once? To be able to do this kind of diving safely, special training is required. This is offered with the SSI Specialty Course Recreational Sidemount.

You will learn everything about the background, history, advantages and equipment of sidemount diving in theory lessons. In practice, you will learn how to configure your equipment and handle it in the water. You will quickly realise that the comfortable buoyancy and easier movement will give you a whole new diving experience.

This course requires 3-4 dives, which we would be happy to complete with you at one of our bases. We will arrange the date individually with you. You are welcome to book the course at the current special price, even if your travel date is not yet fixed.

This specialty can be a step towards your next certification card. For example, for your Advanced Open Water Diver, which you get automatically and for free if you have completed any four specialties and 25 dives after the OWD.


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