Tauchbasis: Lagona Divers – Dahab North (Tropitel Dahab Oasis)

6 dives

All dives with tank, air, weights. Nitrox for free!

Original price was: €204,00.Current price is: €175,00.

Our dive packages are built according to the modular principle: You only pay for what you need. Add excursions by jeep or boat on site as you wish. Or use the dives from the package in our sensational house reef! You also only pay for rental equipment when you need it.

  • Dives are freely distributable over the entire stay
  • Dive breaks are possible at any time

Fancy some more? No problem. Pre-booked dives will of course be credited towards the lower sliding scale price.

  • Valid diving licence
  • for unguided dives min. 30 logged dives

Fit for dive:

A diving medical certificate is not mandatory. It is sufficient to fill in the health declaration at the check-in. [Download]. Only in case of known acute or chronic health restrictions (one or more “yes” answers) a diving medical certificate (can also be acquired on site) is indispensable. Unless otherwise stated, a diving medical certificate is valid for a maximum of 12 months.
Please remember: It’s about your health and safety! If in doubt, it is always better to see a doctor.

  • Dive vouchers are only valid for travel periods after the booking date.
  • Dive vouchers are only valid for the dive centre named in the voucher.
  • First redemption (check-in) of the voucher must be within the printed travel period.
  • The diving packages booked in this way are valid for a maximum of 4 weeks from the first redemption of the diving voucher (check-in).
  • Dive packages are valid for max. 1 person.
    Exceptions: Families with non-diving children, Buddy Group (see FAQs).
  • Dive packages are valid for the persons named (at the latest) at check-in.
  • After expiry of the validity, unused dives expire without compensation.

Refund conditions for dive packages, courses and specialties (diving services):

Dive packages will be refunded in full minus a processing fee of 20 euros per package concerned. A refund of partially used packages is excluded.

We refund complete or partially unused diving courses and specialties like this:

A processing fee of 20 euros per affected course/specialty applies.

SSI registrations and digital teaching materials are retained for 3 months for Rental Kits and for life for Diamond Kits. These are non-refundable. Therefore a cancellation fee of 55 Euros per course/specialty will be charged.

For courses where dives are included in the course price, 55 Euros will be charged for each training dive conducted.

Refunds must be submitted no later than the 30th day after the return date printed on the voucher. After that date, unredeemed benefits will be forfeited without compensation.

Our group rates also apply to this package.

What is considered a group at Lagona Divers?

We do not define groups (only) by the number of participants. Rather, we consider the joint booking of several dive packages and/or courses as one group. This means that our group rates can also be applied to a small number of buddies.

In a nutshell: Book at least 6 services (also mixed) and we will apply our group calculation. You can read everything else here: Groups at Lagona Divers

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