Our offer for agents

You have your own diving school – full-time or part-time – or are otherwise active in the diving industry?
You would like to earn money from your customers’ holiday diving packages?
You are involved in organising and/or arranging diving trips?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

With more than 30 years of experience in operating dive centres and more than 20 years of experience in organising dive trips, we are the ideal partner for you.

Organizing, booking or even arranging vacations brings with it many challenges and legal difficulties. We can take care of many of them for you, but you will always be in the forefront of your customers’ minds. Lagona Travel groups are always your groups. This way you keep your company identity and at the same time put the organization in professional and legally secured hands.

Our offer is therefore suitable for any size of company, from a single diving instructor to a chain with tens of individual shops.

Are you also giving away 15% of your sales potential?

Earning in diving industry

Do you know the Scuba U from SSI? In the course of the introduction to this advanced course for successful diving dealers and instructors, you will find a breakdown of the sales distribution of a typical dive store:

  • 7,5 % = Training
  • 73,3 % = Sales
  • 2,3 % = Fashion
  • 1,9 % = Service
  • 0,8 % = Rental/Compressor
  • 14,2 % = Travel

Travel thus accounts for the second largest share of a typical dive shop’s total turnover. Training, sales and travel are the most important pillars for successful customer retention and a whole-year income.

So why give away the travel section?

There are plenty of ways to make money from your customers’ vacation at Lagona Divers.

Booking dive packages and courses.

Individual dive packages:

With our affiliate programme, you earn money from your customers’ bookings via your link to our website.

With separate access for agents to our website, you can book dive packages and courses for your clients at reduced prices.

Dive packages for groups

We are happy to book dive packages at our group conditions for you. Of course we pay a commission on these packages. Please book the packages together with us. A subsequent “group formation” is not possible. If you wish, we can also put together separate packages for you and your group. You can find all further information on our page for diving groups here.

For diving courses, the following also applies:

We also successfully and reliably complete diving courses (SSI or PADI) for your students.

Should you be on location at our center together with your student(s), you are of course welcome to train them yourself.

Concepts of our tours for groups.

Diving trips

Our diving trips are as individual as our customers. Not every dive shop or dive travel agent has the same possibilities. That’s why we have developed various options to make your (business) life easier. Depending on your possibilities and the suitability of the desired trip, we design your group offer according to the following models:

1) Classic

You book the whole group with a fixed number of participants. Changes to the number of participants are possible on request. Group discounts etc. are included in the final price. You will receive a total invoice which you pay to us. In our confirmation/offer you will find the deadlines for name registrations and the rebooking/cancellation conditions of the trip.

This is the model you usually get with other tour operators.

You are liable to us for the full tour price and are our sole contractual partner. You are the sole responsible contact person for all participants regarding the entire trip.

You are completely free to determine your sales price.

2) Dynamic

We agree on a target number of participants (minimum and maximum size) for the group and calculate the individual travel price for the participants on this basis. Your wishes regarding the amount of commission, the inclusion of group leaders or other individual wishes are taken into account.

The offer clearly shows your commission, any cancellation costs and any special agreements.

We determine the selling price together and it remains stable during the selling period.

3) MaxFlex

We agree on the date and destination of the trip. Each group participant receives an individual offer, updated on the specific day. We combine these individual bookings into a group and try to achieve group discounts (e.g. on dive packages), which we pass on to you.

The commission amount also depends on our booking method (own product or additional booking on the free market), but is usually always lower than with the other variants. Individually calculated additional commissions are possible.

Here it can also happen that the trip – without any possibility of influence for us – can be fully booked.

The respective selling price is a daily price at the time of booking and may therefore vary for each participant.

What makes a group tour with us so special?

The most lucrative and easiest is a group booking in the dynamic model. Let’s go into further detail here on how such a group can run.


  • Indiviually calculated price
  • 1/2 double room bookable
  • High commission of mostly 10%
  • Individual graduated price up to a free place for the group leader(s)
  • Generous cancellation conditions

Sales aids:

  • Individual flyers (PDF) for sending by e-mail or other messengers
  • Legally compliant registration forms (PDF), especially for your group
  • Online registration forms with direct link to a neutral page just for your group
  • HTML/PHP code for embedding the registration form in your own website


  • You independently advertise the trip and take care of the registration process
  • Participants register either through you or directly with us using the registration form. In this way – with the exception of the classic group – each participant becomes a direct contractual partner with us. You are merely an agnet and thus largely exempt from any liability and fnancial risk.
  • After registration for the trip, we send the booking confirmation and invoice directly to the participant and also handle the entire booking, rebooking, cancellation and payment process with the participant directly. Payment of the tour price is made directly to us by the customer.
  • You will be informed about the current booking status at any time by means of group lists.
  • Before we inform customers about overdue payments etc., we inform you so that you can have a say in the customer contact. Either way, we always coordinate booking actions with you and inform you when customers contact us or refer the customer back to you for specific questions.
  • If we have problems reaching the minimum number of participants, we can try to book additional participants through our sales channels.
  • At the end of the booking period, we will discuss the occupancy of the rooms and possibly rebook single persons into single rooms.
  • After full payment has been received, but not earlier than 21 days before departure, we will send the travel documents to each participant directly and put you in copy. This is also done individually per participant, so that e.g. missing payments do not affect the entire group booking.
  • We settle and pay the commissions when we send out the travel documents.


  • You discuss your wishes regarding the diving programme with the base. It doesn’t matter to us whether you want to treat the group as a whole or whether each participant wants to plan their own diving programme. Depending on the situation, you are the sole contact person or completely relieved of the planning.
  • You can conduct your own training with your participants
    This is ideal for OWDs to conduct open water dives in the warm. The Red Sea is also ideal for most specialties of nearly any diving federations.
  • For groups of technical divers we also offer the pure utility use of our base
  • We are happy to suggest further (land based) excursions and organise them for you on request.
  • You can use our boat excursion exclusively for your group
  • For questions, requests and problems regarding or during the journey, our service centre is directly at your disposal

After the trip:

We will be happy to plan your next group trip at Lagona Divers for you.

How do you get all these advantages?

Contact us with appropriate proof of commercial activity to gain access to the agant conditions.