What are the advantages of the Lagona Divers Card?

Lagona Divers Card Discounts

Basically there is an immediate credit of currently 5% on all standard diving services as well as diving courses at all Lagona Divers diving bases. Other services (e.g. T-shirts and other goods) can also be credited as a voluntary service of the dive center.

Pre-booked services (e.g. dive packages) are valued at the (usually higher) on-site price and the resulting discount is credited to your invoice. So you can benefit from our reduced pre-booking prices (no matter if booked directly with us or with one of our agents) and still get the full discount in addition.

example calculation :

You book 20 dives online for 442 Euro.
20 dives cost 491 Euro on site.
On your final invoice at the check out, you will find a credit of 5% from 491 Euro = 24,55 Euro for this dive package.
Together with your online savings you only pay (442 Euro – 24,55 Euro =) 417,45 Euro for 20 dives. You save a full 15%!
In addition there is of course an immediate credit of 5% for all other dives made or services eligible for discounts!

A transfer of the credits e.g. to other persons, travel periods or service providers is not possible. The redemption has to take place at the latest at the end of the travel period. Your discount is therefore a credit which is immediately deducted from your final invoice on the basis.

Discounts may be refused in whole or in part if other discounts or rebates have been granted or if services in connection with special events or promotions have been used by the card holder. In the event of a permissible cancellation (e.g. cancellation or rescission) of a contract, any discount credit granted shall be refunded.