solo diving / independent diver

There seems to be no legal objection to diving alone in Egypt with the appropriate certification. Our associations as well as the CDWS have provided us with corresponding answers. Nevertheless, it is generally forbidden to dive in Egypt without a CDWS-certified guide. So, what now actually?

As a dive center rule, we have decided to do without solo diving at our bases. We would like to explain this a little bit:

Regardless of the fact that we do not doubt the certifications presented and that we produce and judge the “water comfort level” through a welcome dive, we consider solo diving on our bases to be too risky. We are prepared for diving in the absolute recreational area. In general our divers are active hobby sportsmen and in the pure sense of the word “holiday divers”, i.e. only occasionally in the water. Our bases are equipped for this. We are afraid that in case of an irregularity we will not be able to react sufficiently to a single diver in the water. Since safety is our top priority, we have decided to follow this principle.

Nevertheless, our base managers are always able to make individual agreements within the framework of legal and association rules.

We consider an independent diver certificate as additional safety training for “just in case” situations.