How does a diving course work?

We know how precious every day is.

Your diving course focuses on three things:

  • Your holiday pleasure
  • Your safety
  • A professional education

Therefore we recommend for your education a combination of independent, time- and location-independent theoretical learning and intensive, personal practical training.

For your theoretical training we recommend the multimedia (online) learning. For this purpose, we will get access to the website of SSI for you. You can complete the entire course on the Internet or in the free SSI app on any Android or iOS device. So you can learn the necessary diving theory, immediately, at home and on the road, anytime and anywhere.

Do not worry – all topics are explained easily and very understandable. After each chapter, repetition questions make sure that you have noticed the most important things. Everything is simple and very entertaining.

Your personal Lagona Divers – Instructor is at your disposal. He likes to answer all questions and make sure that you understand the theory. Of course, you can also complete the complete theoretical part (again) with him. – according to your wishes. In any case, he will conduct a short final theory test with you.

Tip: Ideally, you book your diving course before arrival in our online shop or in the service center. After receiving your course fee, you can start learning.

Tip: Of course you can also learn your theory with us “traditionally” with a book, lectures and videos with your instructor in our classroom. Or combine both. Your wishes are in the foreground.

In any case,locally you go as fast as possible into the water. In three to four days you will complete exercises with your instructor to

  • Familiarize yourself with the equipment,
  • Get used to breathing underwater,
  • Get used to moving underwater,
  • Train you to explore the fantastic underwater world safely and entertainingly.

Your personal learning pace is always in the foreground. It is important to your instructor that you master the exercises. Therefore, he organizes his lessons according to your knowledge and abilities – within the scope of the given teaching contents and procedures.

In the end, you will feel safe under water, you will know the specifics of diving and be able to participate independently in dives.

Plan for on-site training at least three, better four days.