For whom and for how long are pre-booked dive packages valid

  • Dive vouchers are only valid for travel periods later than booking date.
  • Diving vouchers are only valid for the dive center named in the voucher.
  • Diving vouchers have to be "startet" (Check In) within the booking period printed at the voucher.
  • From redemption of the diving voucher (check - in) the dive packages booked are valid max. 4 weeks.
  • Single dive packages (packages with less than 50 dives) are valid for max. 1 person.
  • Group and family diving packages (minimum 50 dives) are valid for an unlimited number of people.
  • Dive packages are valid only for the person/s mentioned latest at time of check - in.
  • After expiration, unused dives expire without reimbursement.
Single package are bound to a single Person not transferable. Group packages can be shared between unlimited number of divers (to be named latest at check in at the Dive Center)