Check Dive / Welcome Dive

The “Check Dive” … maybe one of the most discussed topics when it comes to scuba diving.

Your first dive will be a so called “Welcome Dive”. This dive is mandatory for every diver, no matter which level of certification or experiance you may have.
This rule is for your own safety and to assure that all our guests will be back at the dive center after their dive with out any troubles. So please let´s not discuss this topic at all.

The Welcome Dive will be guieded by one of our dive guiedes or instructors. At the beginning of the dive he will check your buoyancy controle and give some assistance with  weights adjustement if required. After descending, he will ask you to show some basic scuba diving skills  like mask taking off and replacement, recovery of a regulator and hovering without movement of arms or fins.

Mastering the skills is mandatory for independent house reef diving during your stay. Depending on the result of the welcome dive, our guide may decide that it may be necessary for you to dive in company of a guide for some more dives. This is for your own safety and we will charge only a small upcharge for the guiding. For divers with less than 30 logged dives, a guide is mandatory anyhow!

The above mentioned procedures are for your own safety and to assure, that you will have a perfect vacation without stress or accident.