What if I’m not sure I like diving?

Not always you know if diving is the right sport. Of course we know that (but we also know that it is!). Of course you don’t want to invest a few hundred euros right away.

With us this is financially no risk at all! Just do a Try Scuba, also known as ” sniff course” with us. If you like what you have experienced, just continue with a beginner’s course (OWD) and the Try Scuba will be credited to you both as a part of the course and financially (i.e. you don’t pay for the Try Scuba but only for the OWD).

A fair thing, right?

Advanced Course: What is the difference between SSI AA and AOWD?

A further level after the OWD is an advanced training. At SSI, i.e. also with us, there are two basic ways to obtain such a certification.

1st advanced course: The Advanced Adventurer (AA)

The “small” advanced course (called “Advanced Course” in our shop) is the Advanced Adventurer (AA). This is a further education in a completed, single course. In this course 5 specialties of your choice are ” touched”. This is fast, not as informative, but a recognized course comparable to e.g. the PADI AOWD (same system). We consider this as a concession to tight time limits, e.g. if a higher certification is to be achieved within one week.

2nd recognition level: The Advanced Open Water (AOWD)

An SSI recognition card is automatically (digitally) created after certain requirements are met. Of course, this certification can also be ordered from us in plastic card form. This “full” Advanced Open Water is reached after completion of at least 4 Specialties and 24 logged dives. The SSI AOWD documents that you have completed a detailed advanced program. For us this is the “right” AOWD and in the hierarchy and equivalence of the diving associations also higher than the Advanced Adventurer (or also the PADI AOWD).

For complete confusion the higher level SSI AOWD course has been named the same as the slightly lower level PADI AOWD course.

In short, there are two ways:
Option 1: Advanced course plus dives (5)
Option 2: 4 Specialties plus the necessary dives. In this case not everything has to be done in one shot. For one week this is also too demanding. There is no time limit when and in which sequence the Specialties are completed. As soon as the prerequisites are met, the certification will be created automatically.

For option two we recommend to start with the specialties Nitrox and Deep Dive. These are the basis for a modern sport diving.

In any case, the theory can be completed in advance online or in the app.

Diving course, how fit do I have to be?

For your diving course a normal fitness is absolutely sufficient.

Divers are normal people. The great thing about our sport: it’s not just reserved for trained people.

Not even chronic diseases exclude diving. In many such diseases, diving doctors give an “OK”.

So what do you have to do for a diving course at Lagona Divers:

  • have a normal health
  • have a normal fitness
  • Swimming 200m (and if in doubt we’ll teach you that!)

You see, that’s not much and almost anyone can!

If you want to know more about fitness for diving, have a look at the following FAQ: Fitness for diving