What if I’m not sure I like diving?

Not always you know if diving is the right sport. Of course we know that (but we also know that it is!). Of course you don’t want to invest a few hundred euros right away.

With us this is financially no risk at all! Just do a Try Scuba, also known as ” sniff course” with us. If you like what you have experienced, just continue with a beginner’s course (OWD) and the Try Scuba will be credited to you both as a part of the course and financially (i.e. you don’t pay for the Try Scuba but only for the OWD).

A fair thing, right?

Diving course, how fit do I have to be?

For your diving course a normal fitness is absolutely sufficient.

Divers are normal people. The great thing about our sport: it’s not just reserved for trained people.

Not even chronic diseases exclude diving. In many such diseases, diving doctors give an “OK”.

So what do you have to do for a diving course at Lagona Divers:

  • have a normal health
  • have a normal fitness
  • Swimming 200m (and if in doubt we’ll teach you that!)

You see, that’s not much and almost anyone can!

If you want to know more about fitness for diving, have a look at the following FAQ: Fitness for diving