Does booking a package make sense?

Clear answer: Yes, it makes a lot of sense to book in advance.

Availability of capacities on the basis:

We always have all capacities planned for pre-booked guests. We ensure a smooth diving holiday from day one.

Prices of the dives

Basically our package prices are at least 10% cheaper than the prices on site.

An example with 20 dives:

On site we charge according to the dive price scale 3x 29 Euro + 7x 27 Euro + 5x 23 Euro + 5x 20 Euro = 491 Euro.

The pre-booked package costs 442 Euro, which is 10% cheaper than on site.

Lagona Divers Card holders get another 5% refund on the full price of 491 euros, another 24.55 euros saved. This means that the pre-booked package costs a Lagona Divers Card holder only 417.45 euros. A whole 15% saved.

No risk of cancellation

Check out our generous refund policy: What happens to unused dive packages and courses?