unaccompanied diving

Probably the most frequently asked question: “Can we dive alone in your buddy team?

We don’t have to be there for every dive. But it is generally forbidden in Egypt to dive without a guide certified by the state CDWS (Chamber of Diving and Watersports). So, what now actually?

Legally it is necessary that a state-certified guide is responsible for the procedures at the dive site. Usually this is guaranteed by us by having our guide lead or accompany the dive. In individual cases, after approval by the base management, the guide can also ensure compliance with the rules from shore simply by being involved in the dive planning .

We move in a grey area, which is regulated as follows:

  1. Each of our guests completes at least the first dive with our guide. During this “Welcome Dive” we briefly practice/complete the basic safety procedures. This does not take long, makes everyone safe and relaxed and the dive is finished as a normal dive. -> Welcome Dive
  2. Basically without exception our base management decides after the Welcome Dive whether unaccompanied diving is possible. The minimum requirements for unaccompanied diving of the respective associations must be fulfilled in advance (normally at least AOWD and 50 logged dives).
  3. At every dive site outside of our hotel grounds, without exception, a guide is included according to the legal regulations. This guide is responsible for the procedure, the safety of each guest and the compliance with the legal regulations. He can usually ensure this by accompanying/guiding the dive as well as by other means.
  4. For house reef dives we ensure safety and compliance with the legal regulations through house reef maps and briefings, house reef lists with entry and exit times and the presence of our staff for emergencies. This makes it easiest to dive unaccompanied at the house reef.

So the answer is clearly: Maybe!

PS: We know about the concerns and needs of underwater photographers. We would be happy to accompany you only “on the edge” and we are completely dependent on your speed and motives. Thus our guide will also take care of the necessary safety concerns (e.g. dive depth, duration and profile).

What if I’m not sure I like diving?

Not always you know if diving is the right sport. Of course we know that (but we also know that it is!). Of course you don’t want to invest a few hundred euros right away.

With us this is financially no risk at all! Just do a Try Scuba, also known as ” sniff course” with us. If you like what you have experienced, just continue with a beginner’s course (OWD) and the Try Scuba will be credited to you both as a part of the course and financially (i.e. you don’t pay for the Try Scuba but only for the OWD).

A fair thing, right?

solo diving / independent diver

There seems to be no legal objection to diving alone in Egypt with the appropriate certification. Our associations as well as the CDWS have provided us with corresponding answers. Nevertheless, it is generally forbidden to dive in Egypt without a CDWS-certified guide. So, what now actually?

As a dive center rule, we have decided to do without solo diving at our bases. We would like to explain this a little bit:

Regardless of the fact that we do not doubt the certifications presented and that we produce and judge the “water comfort level” through a welcome dive, we consider solo diving on our bases to be too risky. We are prepared for diving in the absolute recreational area. In general our divers are active hobby sportsmen and in the pure sense of the word “holiday divers”, i.e. only occasionally in the water. Our bases are equipped for this. We are afraid that in case of an irregularity we will not be able to react sufficiently to a single diver in the water. Since safety is our top priority, we have decided to follow this principle.

Nevertheless, our base managers are always able to make individual agreements within the framework of legal and association rules.

We consider an independent diver certificate as additional safety training for “just in case” situations.


Tipping is a popular way of getting accepted everywhere and is not only a sign of your appreciation of our performance, but also an important part of the income of our employees.
You will find a tip box at each of our dive bases. The content is distributed regularly to all our staff. So even our hard-working helpers in the background receive their share reliably.

In the name of our employees we say a heartfelt thank you!

What are the advantages of the Lagona Divers Card?

Lagona Divers Card Discounts

Basically there is an immediate credit of currently 5% on all standard diving services as well as diving courses at all Lagona Divers diving bases. Other services (e.g. T-shirts and other goods) can also be credited as a voluntary service of the dive center.

Pre-booked services (e.g. dive packages) are valued at the (usually higher) on-site price and the resulting discount is credited to your invoice. So you can benefit from our reduced pre-booking prices (no matter if booked directly with us or with one of our agents) and still get the full discount in addition.

example calculation :

You book 20 dives online for 442 Euro.
20 dives cost 491 Euro on site.
On your final invoice at the check out, you will find a credit of 5% from 491 Euro = 24,55 Euro for this dive package.
Together with your online savings you only pay (442 Euro – 24,55 Euro =) 417,45 Euro for 20 dives. You save a full 15%!
In addition there is of course an immediate credit of 5% for all other dives made or services eligible for discounts!

A transfer of the credits e.g. to other persons, travel periods or service providers is not possible. The redemption has to take place at the latest at the end of the travel period. Your discount is therefore a credit which is immediately deducted from your final invoice on the basis.

Discounts may be refused in whole or in part if other discounts or rebates have been granted or if services in connection with special events or promotions have been used by the card holder. In the event of a permissible cancellation (e.g. cancellation or rescission) of a contract, any discount credit granted shall be refunded.

What is Lagona Divers Card?

You can apply for the Lagona Divers Card after your first stay at one of our dive centers. It will identify you as a repeater guest in the future and offers you price advantages every time you visit Lagona Divers.

You will receive the application form during check out at the dive center or you can fill our online application at friends.Lagona-Divers.com after your visit.

What is included in my dive package?

Our diving packages are based on a modular principle: you pay only what you need.

All dives with tank, air and weights. Nitrox for free!

Add trips by jeep or boat at the dive center as desired. Or use the dives from the package in our sensational house reef only!
Even rental equipment, you pay only when you need it.

  • Dive packages can be used throughout whole stay
  • Dive packages can neither be offset against other services nor transferred to other persons
  • Pre-booked dive packages and dive courses (also booked on site) can only be processed on the basis of our refund policy this also applies if e.g. the house reef was not always accessible due to weather conditions.
    Use the daily offered trips.

Need more? No problem.

If you want to dive more, you will automatically receive the discounted bulk price on additional dives.

How does a diving course work?

We know how precious every day is.

Your diving course focuses on three things:

  • Your holiday pleasure
  • Your safety
  • A professional education

Therefore we recommend for your education a combination of independent, time- and location-independent theoretical learning and intensive, personal practical training.

For your theoretical training we recommend the multimedia (online) learning. For this purpose, we will get access to the website of SSI for you. You can complete the entire course on the Internet or in the free SSI app on any Android or iOS device. So you can learn the necessary diving theory, immediately, at home and on the road, anytime and anywhere.

Do not worry – all topics are explained easily and very understandable. After each chapter, repetition questions make sure that you have noticed the most important things. Everything is simple and very entertaining.

Your personal Lagona Divers – Instructor is at your disposal. He likes to answer all questions and make sure that you understand the theory. Of course, you can also complete the complete theoretical part (again) with him. – according to your wishes. In any case, he will conduct a short final theory test with you.

Tip: Ideally, you book your diving course before arrival in our online shop or in the service center. After receiving your course fee, you can start learning.

Tip: Of course you can also learn your theory with us “traditionally” with a book, lectures and videos with your instructor in our classroom. Or combine both. Your wishes are in the foreground.

In any case,locally you go as fast as possible into the water. In three to four days you will complete exercises with your instructor to

  • Familiarize yourself with the equipment,
  • Get used to breathing underwater,
  • Get used to moving underwater,
  • Train you to explore the fantastic underwater world safely and entertainingly.

Your personal learning pace is always in the foreground. It is important to your instructor that you master the exercises. Therefore, he organizes his lessons according to your knowledge and abilities – within the scope of the given teaching contents and procedures.

In the end, you will feel safe under water, you will know the specifics of diving and be able to participate independently in dives.

Plan for on-site training at least three, better four days.

Diving course, how fit do I have to be?

For your diving course a normal fitness is absolutely sufficient.

Divers are normal people. The great thing about our sport: it’s not just reserved for trained people.

Not even chronic diseases exclude diving. In many such diseases, diving doctors give an “OK”.

So what do you have to do for a diving course at Lagona Divers:

  • have a normal health
  • have a normal fitness
  • Swimming 200m (and if in doubt we’ll teach you that!)

You see, that’s not much and almost anyone can!

If you want to know more about fitness for diving, have a look at the following FAQ: Fitness for diving


Registration Fee

To comply with legal requirements, we are obliged by Egyptian authorities to document and report quite a lot of things. We have to report daily which activities we offer at what time and to whom.
This shall help – according to the authorities – to ensure that only approved providers perform touristic services.
A variety of registrations and approvals are required daily. The registration fee covers the costs of these obligations.

Registration Fee doesn´t apply on check in and check out days (if you did no dive on those days).