unaccompanied diving

Probably the most frequently asked question: “Can we dive alone in your buddy team?

We don’t have to be there for every dive. But it is generally forbidden in Egypt to dive without a guide certified by the state CDWS (Chamber of Diving and Watersports). So, what now actually?

Legally it is necessary that a state-certified guide is responsible for the procedures at the dive site. Usually this is guaranteed by us by having our guide lead or accompany the dive. In individual cases, after approval by the base management, the guide can also ensure compliance with the rules from shore simply by being involved in the dive planning .

We move in a grey area, which is regulated as follows:

  1. Each of our guests completes at least the first dive with our guide. During this “Welcome Dive” we briefly practice/complete the basic safety procedures. This does not take long, makes everyone safe and relaxed and the dive is finished as a normal dive. -> Welcome Dive
  2. Basically without exception our base management decides after the Welcome Dive whether unaccompanied diving is possible. The minimum requirements for unaccompanied diving of the respective associations must be fulfilled in advance (normally at least AOWD and 50 logged dives).
  3. At every dive site outside of our hotel grounds, without exception, a guide is included according to the legal regulations. This guide is responsible for the procedure, the safety of each guest and the compliance with the legal regulations. He can usually ensure this by accompanying/guiding the dive as well as by other means.
  4. For house reef dives we ensure safety and compliance with the legal regulations through house reef maps and briefings, house reef lists with entry and exit times and the presence of our staff for emergencies. This makes it easiest to dive unaccompanied at the house reef.

So the answer is clearly: Maybe!

PS: We know about the concerns and needs of underwater photographers. We would be happy to accompany you only “on the edge” and we are completely dependent on your speed and motives. Thus our guide will also take care of the necessary safety concerns (e.g. dive depth, duration and profile).

What is included in my dive package?

Our diving packages are based on a modular principle: you pay only what you need.

All dives with tank, air and weights. Nitrox for free!

Add trips by jeep or boat at the dive center as desired. Or use the dives from the package in our sensational house reef only!
Even rental equipment, you pay only when you need it.

  • Dive packages can be used throughout whole stay
  • Dive packages can neither be offset against other services nor transferred to other persons
  • Pre-booked dive packages and dive courses (also booked on site) can only be processed on the basis of our refund policy this also applies if e.g. the house reef was not always accessible due to weather conditions.
    Use the daily offered trips.

Need more? No problem.

If you want to dive more, you will automatically receive the discounted bulk price on additional dives.

For whom and for how long are pre-booked dive packages valid

  • Dive vouchers are only valid for travel periods later than booking date.
  • Diving vouchers are only valid for the dive center named in the voucher.
  • Diving vouchers have to be "startet" (Check In) within the booking period printed at the voucher.
  • From redemption of the diving voucher (check - in) the dive packages booked are valid max. 4 weeks.
  • Single dive packages (packages with less than 50 dives) are valid for max. 1 person.
  • Group and family diving packages (minimum 50 dives) are valid for an unlimited number of people.
  • Dive packages are valid only for the person/s mentioned latest at time of check - in.
  • After expiration, unused dives expire without reimbursement.
Single package are bound to a single Person not transferable. Group packages can be shared between unlimited number of divers (to be named latest at check in at the Dive Center)


What is sidemount?

In contrast to the “conventional” backmount diving, with sidemount you do not carry the tank on the back but on the sides of your body. Do not mix up sidemount diving with the tec diving. Sidemount divers are still recreational sports divers – with some small differences.

Why sidemount?

A lateral arrangement of the dive bottles offers the diver several advantages. You get more balanced which leads to a much more relaxed physical performance for many divers. Specially divers with frequently occurring pain in the back will therefore rate  sidemount diving extremely comfortable!

A further advantage is the use of two redundant air supply systems. Both bottles are equipped with a regulator. This results in increased safety for the diver. An “out of air situation” is thus almost impossible.

The third advantage is the main reason for most divers to upgrade to the sidemount diving. The two tanks simply offer the double amount of air! This results in a significantly extended dive time in which the diver can enjoy the underwater world. Especially for divers with slightly higher air consumption, this is a serious advantage.

With immediate effect Lagona Divers – Dahab offer sidemount courses as well as equipment rental for the sidemount diving.

And if you want to try it first: A Sidemount-Intro-Dive offers the best opportunity to do so.

Do you offer technical dives?

We do not offer any kind of technical diving, because we focus exclusively on recreational diving. What we offer we want to do in a perfect way. And you can not do anything.

On our dive centers in Dahab, we are working closely with colleagues – former Lagona Divers employees – who have concentrated on technical diving. We are happy to get you in contact with them.

Do you offer sidemount?

Of course with a special equipment you can dive with us in sidemount configuration. We provide 2 full tanks to you which are billed as 2 dives. So you can participate in 2 dives with us or go diving independently in the house reef.

If you prefer 2 full tanks per dive, we charge 10 Euro for the second dive and exchange the two “half” tanks for two full tanks.