Does booking a package make sense?

Clear answer: Yes, it makes a lot of sense to book in advance.

Availability of capacities on the basis:

We always have all capacities planned for pre-booked guests. We ensure a smooth diving holiday from day one.

Prices of the dives

Basically our package prices are at least 10% cheaper than the prices on site.

An example with 20 dives:

On site we charge according to the dive price scale 3x 29 Euro + 7x 27 Euro + 5x 23 Euro + 5x 20 Euro = 491 Euro.

The pre-booked package costs 442 Euro, which is 10% cheaper than on site.

Lagona Divers Card holders get another 5% refund on the full price of 491 euros, another 24.55 euros saved. This means that the pre-booked package costs a Lagona Divers Card holder only 417.45 euros. A whole 15% saved.

No risk of cancellation

Check out our generous refund policy: What happens to unused dive packages and courses?

What is you bank account?

Please direct bank transfers in favor of Lagona Divers to our German Service Center:

Account holder: Generation X GmbH, Marktstrasse 5, 93098 Mintraching, Germany
Bank: Unicredit/HypoVereinsbank Regensburg, Hemauerstraße 1, 93047 Regensburg
IBAN: DE10 7502 0073 0335 2961 09

What are the advantages of the Lagona Divers Card?

Lagona Divers Card Discounts

Basically there is an immediate credit of currently 5% on all standard diving services as well as diving courses at all Lagona Divers diving bases. Other services (e.g. T-shirts and other goods) can also be credited as a voluntary service of the dive center.

Pre-booked services (e.g. dive packages) are valued at the (usually higher) on-site price and the resulting discount is credited to your invoice. So you can benefit from our reduced pre-booking prices (no matter if booked directly with us or with one of our agents) and still get the full discount in addition.

example calculation :

You book 20 dives online for 442 Euro.
20 dives cost 491 Euro on site.
On your final invoice at the check out, you will find a credit of 5% from 491 Euro = 24,55 Euro for this dive package.
Together with your online savings you only pay (442 Euro – 24,55 Euro =) 417,45 Euro for 20 dives. You save a full 15%!
In addition there is of course an immediate credit of 5% for all other dives made or services eligible for discounts!

A transfer of the credits e.g. to other persons, travel periods or service providers is not possible. The redemption has to take place at the latest at the end of the travel period. Your discount is therefore a credit which is immediately deducted from your final invoice on the basis.

Discounts may be refused in whole or in part if other discounts or rebates have been granted or if services in connection with special events or promotions have been used by the card holder. In the event of a permissible cancellation (e.g. cancellation or rescission) of a contract, any discount credit granted shall be refunded.

What is Lagona Divers Card?

You can apply for the Lagona Divers Card after your first stay at one of our dive centers. It will identify you as a repeater guest in the future and offers you price advantages every time you visit Lagona Divers.

You will receive the application form during check out at the dive center or you can fill our online application at after your visit.

What is included in my dive package?

Our diving packages are based on a modular principle: you pay only what you need.

All dives with tank, air and weights. Nitrox for free!

Add trips by jeep or boat at the dive center as desired. Or use the dives from the package in our sensational house reef only!
Even rental equipment, you pay only when you need it.

  • Dive packages can be used throughout whole stay
  • Dive packages can neither be offset against other services nor transferred to other persons
  • Pre-booked dive packages and dive courses (also booked on site) can only be processed on the basis of our refund policy this also applies if e.g. the house reef was not always accessible due to weather conditions.
    Use the daily offered trips.

Need more? No problem.

If you want to dive more, you will automatically receive the discounted bulk price on additional dives.

For whom and for how long are pre-booked dive packages valid

  • Dive vouchers are only valid for travel periods later than booking date.
  • Diving vouchers are only valid for the dive center named in the voucher.
  • Diving vouchers have to be "startet" (Check In) within the booking period printed at the voucher.
  • From redemption of the diving voucher (check - in) the dive packages booked are valid max. 4 weeks.
  • Single dive packages (packages with less than 50 dives) are valid for max. 1 person.
  • Group and family diving packages (minimum 50 dives) are valid for an unlimited number of people.
  • Dive packages are valid only for the person/s mentioned latest at time of check - in.
  • After expiration, unused dives expire without reimbursement.
Single package are bound to a single Person not transferable. Group packages can be shared between unlimited number of divers (to be named latest at check in at the Dive Center)


What happens if I don’t use my pre-booked dive package or course?

Conditions for refunding of dive packages, courses and specialties:
Complete or partially unused Diving packages will be refunded as follows:
There is a handling fee of 20 Euro per each affected package. The difference between the on-site prices of the dives used and the originally paid package price is to be paid. In fact, against payment of the handling fee, we will treat you as if you had not booked in advance, but booked and paid for your dives on site.

Complete or partially unused Diving courses and specialties will be refunded as follows:
There is a handling fee of 20 Euro per cancelled course/specialty. SSI registrations and digital teaching materials as rental kits will be retained for 3 months. These cannot be refunded. Therefore there will be a cancellation fee of 50 Euro per course / specialty.
SSI registrations and digital teaching materials as Diamond Kits are retained for lifetime. These kits cannot be refunded. Therefore there will be a cancellation fee of 50 Euro per course / specialty.
50 Euro will be charged for each training dive (valid for courses which include dives in course price).

Refunds must be submitted no later than the 30th day after the return date printed on the voucher. After this date, any services that have not been redeemed will be forfeited without compensation.



credit cards

At all Lagona Divers – Dive Centers credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) are accepted. Debiting is carried out via a double-secured Internet payment system of a German provider. We do not store credit card information but give them directly into the protected form of our service provider.

When paying by credit card on site at the dive center, we charge fees of 2.5% on the payment amount.

In addition to credit cards we accept cash and payment via Paypal (4% fee).

methods of payments

At all Lagona Divers – dive centers following methods of payments are accepted:

  • credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) For payment on site at the dive center we add 2,5% processing fee.
  • Paypal (4% fee)
  • cash national currency as well as other common currencies (Euro, USD, SFr)