What is sidemount?

In contrast to the “conventional” backmount diving, with sidemount you do not carry the tank on the back but on the sides of your body. Do not mix up sidemount diving with the tec diving. Sidemount divers are still recreational sports divers – with some small differences.

Why sidemount?

A lateral arrangement of the dive bottles offers the diver several advantages. You get more balanced which leads to a much more relaxed physical performance for many divers. Specially divers with frequently occurring pain in the back will therefore rate  sidemount diving extremely comfortable!

A further advantage is the use of two redundant air supply systems. Both bottles are equipped with a regulator. This results in increased safety for the diver. An “out of air situation” is thus almost impossible.

The third advantage is the main reason for most divers to upgrade to the sidemount diving. The two tanks simply offer the double amount of air! This results in a significantly extended dive time in which the diver can enjoy the underwater world. Especially for divers with slightly higher air consumption, this is a serious advantage.

With immediate effect Lagona Divers – Dahab offer sidemount courses as well as equipment rental for the sidemount diving.

And if you want to try it first: A Sidemount-Intro-Dive offers the best opportunity to do so.

sidemount diver