Newsletter April 2021

We have some great news for you again today. Dive into our newsletter of the month April.

We are reopening! For a whole year we had closed our bases and could only offer limited service. Now it’s time to really get going again. You can find more information below.

And yet we have closed for good. For 10 years we were present in Marsa Alam at the Happy Life Resort, the last years of which were filled with massive (internal) trouble. It was time for us to say goodbye.

Stay and Dive – New in our offer. With our partner hotels in Dahab we have put together great packages with accommodation and diving. From Sharm El-Sheikh airport we take care of your holiday.

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Christian and the Lagona Divers Team

Doors open at Lagona Divers – Dahab North!

In March 2020, the doors closed at Lagona Divers – Dahab North. At that time we still thought the little break couldn’t hurt. In the meantime, more than 12 months have passed during which we were only able to offer very limited service. This will change again from 01.05.2021! Just in time for “Labour Day” we will resume our work. We will again be there for you every day from 8 am to 6 pm.

The fish and corals are already waiting. You can’t imagine how positive this period of “abstinence” has been for our Red Sea: Even more colourful, even more lively, even better than before.

Only you are still missing! So let’s go! Come and visit us!
Samy and his team are looking forward to diving with you.

Oh yes, and for the friends of the Happy Life Village: Soon we will be there for you again in the south.

More about Lagona Divers – Dahab North

Doors closed at Lagona Divers – Marsa Alam

Short and sweet report: On 31.03.2021 we will close our base at Happy Life Beach Resort. We fondly remember the great dives, the phenomenal Crazy Weeks and much more that we were able to experience with you there.

Why did we leave anyway? We could hardly get along with the current hotel management for years. It felt like the hotel had turned into a real prison for us with access and exit restrictions and 24/7 camera surveillance. Only surveillance and money ruled the day. And the stones that were put in our way turned into boulders in the end. It became increasingly difficult to retain good staff at the grassroots level under these circumstances. In the end, the failed lease negotiations on 01.04. made it much easier to say goodbye by demanding an almost 30% increase.

We would be happy to go diving with you. But if in the end only the profit of the hotel is in the foreground, you also have to know that the time has come to stop.

If you have planned your diving holiday in Marsa Alam, we are happy to help you with a rebooking to Dahab.

New: Stay and Dive in Dahab

Just in time for the reopening of our bases in Dahab, we have received great offers from our partner hotels. Our in-house tour operator Lagona Travel has put together great Stay and Dive packages for you. All you need is a flight to Sharm El-Sheikh – and there are surprisingly many of them – to dive with us.

At Lagona Divers – Dahab North in Tropitel Dahab Oasis, our base leader Samy is waiting for you. He’s already dragging his feet to finally get back into the water with you.

7 days in a double room with half board, airport transfer and 10 dives for 375 Euro per person. Valid until 31.12.2021

Book here for Tropitel Dahab Oasis: Stay and Dive Tropitel Dahab Oasis

Book here for Happy Life Village: Stay and Dive Happy Life Village