Enter Egypt with E-Visa

Egypt’s President El-Sisi officially launched the new e-visa on 03.12.2017 during the “Information and Communication Technology Conference” in Cairo. It is intended as an alternative to the “visa on arrival” and should speed up the entry at the airports. Tourists from 46 countries, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France, can now apply for their visa in advance on the Internet. After entering the required information and paying the fee by credit or debit card, applicants will be sent a link to download their visa. The printed document will then be presented upon entry. The one-time entry fee is $ 25, with multiple entry fees $ 60. It is recommended to submit the visa application at least seven days before arrival.

Still possible: For stays up to 14 days with us in Dahab no paid visa is needed. The VISA stamp still is provided free of charge for such stays. The easiest way to get it is to write “Sinai only” on the back of the entry card which you receive on the plane.

You can apply for the E-Visa here: Visa 2 Egypt