Diving Vacation 3.0

Diving Vacation 3.0?

We like to call the present of traveling and diving as diving vacation 3.0.

What, pray tell, was then the diving vacation 1.0 and 2.0?  Did we just miss it?

diving vacation 1.0

Those were the times when diving was still a “martial” sport for a few. Basically, the sport was first practised in the (cold) waters at home. The diving holiday was a typical sports holiday, often spent in a group and preferably permanently under water. One – remeber, a martial sport was predominantly reserved for the “stronger” sex – could not get into the water often enough and deep enough.

Nitrox? Unknown. Buoyancy vest? The rubber ring around the neck – the good old “toilet lid” had to suffice.

That was all not so long ago! We’re talking about the late 80s! Yes, Lagona Divers also started like this more than 25 years ago. Our equipment with regulators including octopus and real buoyancy compensating jackets (ADV – Jackets) was smiled at by some of our guests at that time. But safety always came first for us.

diving vacation 2.0

Affordable and professional diving equipment quickly established itself on the market. At least an ADV jacket, a regulator with octopus, a fashionable and comfortable suit and preferably your own dive computer were essential. Our diving became safer, easier and more enjoyable. Diving is shifting even more to the fantastic warm water areas of our world. For Europeans, the Red Sea is becoming a “bathtub right on our doorstep”.

Sport is becoming – more or less – a leisure activity for many. Diving is now added to the manifold activities on holiday. No longer “only”, but “also”. Diving centres are springing up like mushrooms – and with them less recommendable offers. Among other things, the advanced technology now makes our sport accessible to everyone. For many holidaymakers, diving is now “just part of it”: a few dives on holiday are allowed. We, Lagona Divers, have adapted to the trend: Even more well-maintained equipment for rent, more flexible dive planning and higher demands on our staff. Of course, we now also prefer to dive with Nitrox.

diving vacation 3.0

What is in store for us now? Holidays in and of themselves are almost a foreign word at the moment. For a whole year we could only dream about it. The pandemic has us in its grip worldwide. But the prospect of travelling soon is within reach.

But our travelling will change. Questions like, “are you vaccinated?” will become standard at check-in, at least for a long time. Covid19 attacks the lungs. An exclusion for diving? Who knows today?

Dive centres also need hygiene concepts. Not so easy with the usual procedures, which were especially geared towards socialising. Regular disinfection of all equipment – always standard at Lagona Divers for rental equipment – is now mandatory for every diver and for all equipment. Even more important became the choice of a professionally run dive centre. Keeping your distance instead of buddysport? Can I still spend a group holiday with peace of mind? We divers already know that masks are compulsory. But now it’s different masks; even on land it’s no longer possible without them.

We do everything to ensure that a diving holiday is possible with the least risk of infection. And to be honest, even we are thinking more and more intensively about making vaccination compulsory for our guests from the coming winter season. So will there only be diving holidays for those vaccinated against Corona in the future?

Diving vacation 3.0 still brings many questions with it. But for us, one question can be answered unequivocally: We are waiting and longing for diving vacation 4.0: the holiday that is once again possible for everyone, at any time and without much thought about the newly added “do’s and don’ts”. We are ready to accompany you also in this time in a great diving holiday.

What do you think about diving holiday x.0? Write us your opinion at info [at] Lagona-Divers [dot] com. Maybe we will get some nice thoughts together and publish them on our website.