25 years anniversary

Lagona Divers was founded in November 1994 in Dahab.
In 1995, the now sole owner Christian took over a small share of the base, which at that time was located exclusively in Lagona Village. Today, under his leadership and with the help of a highly motivated team, a small but well known group of dive centres has developed.

To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we are launching a 12-month special offer in November 2019 with changing booking offers. Especially our home location Dahab is close to our hearts.

From 01 November 2019 to 31 October 2020 applies to our diving bases in Dahab:
If you pay cash in DM the prices in Euro are valid for our dives in DM (1 Euro = 1,95583 DM).
A discount of almost 50% for cash payment in DM!
So: Get rid of the remaining stock! There is no better way to get rid of the old DM!

Here you will always find our jubilant offers, which we extend on the 1st of each month by the currently bookable offer. So: Visit us regularly!

  • November 2019: We start the jubilee year with the anniversary combi to Lagona Divers – Crazy Week 2019
  • December 2019: ???
  • January 2020: ???
  • February 2020: ???
  • March 2020: ???
  • April 2020: ???
  • May 2020: ???
  • June 2020: ???
  • July 2020: ???
  • August 2020: ???
  • September 2020: ???
  • October 2020: ???

This applies to all offers listed here:

  • All offers are bookable in the indicated month (from 01. to last of month)
  • For online bookings without further notice, the travel period for which the offer can be booked may lie between 01.11.2019 and 31.12.2020 (last day of travel). Bookings for outside the specified travel period will not be confirmed, or cancelled.
    Actions that are advertised as "On-Site - Promotion" are only valid for bookings on site within the specified period. All other promotions are only valid for online bookings in our dive package shop
  • These are special offers for which no refund is possible. Booked, unused or only partially used packages expire without replacement
  • The cash payment offer (in DM) does not apply to fees or third-party costs (admissions, etc.)
  • Our anniversary offers are not combinable with other discounts (also Lagona Divers - Card), special prices or with each other