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How time flies! It's been 6 months since our last newsletter! Half a year without Lagona Divers - how are you?

Who is Lagona Divers anyway? There is news about the staff structure at Lagona Divers.

Scuba diving was yesterday - today it's technical diving. That's nonsense, of course, but technical diving is interesting, isn't it? We have news for you.

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Christian and the Lagona Divers Team

Who actually is Lagona Divers?

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For 27 years, Lagona Divers was almost always a one-man show. Of course, we were always a big team - more like a family - with motivated and professional staff. But in the end there was only one owner. Now I am happy to have found suitable partners who will work with me to ensure the continuity and further development of Lagona Divers.

Kerstin and Andy look back on 7 successful years with their own tech dive centre in Dahab. From now on we are joining forces and the "new" Lagona Divers now has new motivated owners. You can look forward to seeing what this "triumvirate" will bring about in the years to come.

You can find out more about Kerstin and Andy here on our website: Who is Kerstin and Andy?

Technical Diving
New at Lagona Divers!

Technical Diving @ Lagona Divers
With Kerstin and Andy, not only motivated owners come to Lagona Divers. No, they also bring a lot of know-how and equipment in the field of technical diving.

Our new Tech-Base has already moved into the Happy Life Village and is in full operation.

We are currently working on our new additional web presence. Soon the new site www.Lagona-Divers-Technical.com will be online. Have a look.

Our website is not only interesting for technical divers. You will also find a lot of information about what technical diving actually is. Whether it is suitable for you and what Lagona Divers can do for you in this area.

You will be surprised: Technical diving is not only for "hardcore divers"!

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